Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Another Great Review of The Art of Seamless Knitting

Columnist Pamela MacKenzie for wrote a wonderful REVIEW of our book The Art of Seamless Knitting. Not only she is a columnist and real estate editor for MyCentralJersey, but she is also an avid knitter and blogs about her knitting passion at There her readers can discover that she's a big fan of seamless knitting and know thing or two about the subject; therefore her review is even more meaningful.

"If you would like to make sweaters quickly, with sides that are even, with as little sewing as possible, then “The Art of Seamless Knitting” by Simona Merchant-Dest and Faina Goberstein is for you. Even I, who have made dozens of seamless sweaters, learned a few tricks in the book. And if you are just starting out on your first seamless sweater, then this book will cover all the basics for you. 
.......There are 11 projects, but I think each pattern is a gem. If you are a beginning knitter, be patient with yourself as you tackle one of these. Let the authors guide you through reading charts, and you may be surprised to find yourself knitting stitches you thought were too complicated...."   
(by Pamela MacKenzie, July 24, 2013)
Thank you Pamela for your review!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

TNNA Columbus 2013 Recap - DAY 3 & 4

Book Signing

Faina and I came to TNNA to introduce and promote our new book The Art of Seamless Knitting. We did a book signing in the Interweave booth on Sunday morning. They allocated one hour time frame for 50 books to be signed and in mere 25 minutes all the books were gone.

We got such a great feedback. It was so great to meet the shop owners. Many of them had stories to tell us on how some of their customers were waiting for this book to come in. It is very gratifying to hear such a positive response from knitters from all over the country after putting so much work into it.

At Interweave booth

After the signing, we finally got a chance to walk the floor for a bit. We looked at the new yarns and started to plan future projects.  Walking the show is always so inspiring. You also meet so many familiar faces. This show was busy, so we said hi to many people only in passing. But it was certainly so nice to chat with Anna Cohen and Jeanne Carver of Imperial Yarn, Carl Koop of Bijou Basin Ranch, Erika Knight, Robyn Chachula, Dora Oherstein, Stella and Alejandro Balian of Abuelita YarnsYsolda  here on her iconic red bicycle, Josh Bennett and oh so many others.


I also met a crochet designer Laurinda Reddig. I've heard stories about her new crochet technique way before meeting her. Keep your eyes peeled on her, you will be pleasantly surprised.

With Laurinda Reddig

In the evening after the show we met up with friends.

With Linda Permann and Faina. 
With Faina and Marly

It was really nice to talk to Martin Storey, a designer in Rowan Yarns. Besides him being a very talented designer, he is very thoughtful and such a nice person.

With Faina and Martin Storey

It wouldn't be a whole picture of a Columbus TNNA show without mentioning the North Market. Everyone at the show always talks about having to have Jeni's Splendid ice cream there. Milk and I are not best of friends so I cannot attest to that personally, but I love going there for the Taste of Belgium. Their buckwheat crepes are just unbelievable. You can order it as a breakfast meal with eggs and ham and vegetables. Mmmm, mmm, mmm soooo good. If you are ever in Columbus, you got to go there and try it.

Taste of Belgium

Friday, July 5, 2013

TNNA Columbus 2013 Recap - DAY 2

Saturday was the day when the show floor opens for all the attendees to browse through the isles full of new, exciting products. This year was busy, and I didn't get a chance to take too many pictures, but Faina and I got at least a quick look at a few of our favorite companies.

We discovered this beautiful silk yarn just by a chance. We drove in a shuttle with the owner of the Treenway Silks who told us about themselves, so we had to go and visit. Their color selection was un-be-lie-va-ble. Gorgeous!

Then as always, there are preview tables to search for new products quickly. Look at that! If you seem to be running out of time to check all the isles, this is a tremendous help. You can make a plan of how to walk to show to manage to see all you need or search for.

In the evening I met up with a few friends. Here I'm with a lovely crochet designer, author and avid runner Ellen Gormley.

To be continued....

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

TNNA Columbus 2013 Recap - DAY 1

Arrived on Friday with an hour and half delay. But once in the Columbus airport, it was all smooth sailing from there. The hotel Faina and I stayed in was nice (always a big plus); even though it was some mile distance from the Convention Center. Not only they offered free shuttle to and from the airport, to my surprise, they also offered shuttle to and from the Convention Center! That was awesome. No long distance walking or wasting money on cab rides. This was definitely a good start to one of the best TNNA shows I've had.

Meeting with Faina in person is always so wonderful. We have so much to catch up on. We started our show by going to the TNNA Fashion Show. Afterwards we headed out to attend one of the most anticipated events for designers, the Yarn Thing's Designer Dinner, hosted by Marly Bird.

Again, she's done it! Every year Marly comes up with something new and exciting. But that's just her, ever so creative Marly. Great number of sponsors came together for this event and presented their new yarns and knit and crochet related products for designers to try and use in their designs. The sponsors are always so generous!  There were many goodies, and here are a few of my favorites.

Gadgets and notions

The Namaste's Jemma Pouch. Namaste has always been a very generous sponsor of Yarn Thing's designer dinner. Thank you Namaste.

Chic*a's Double-Yarn Keeper. Very convenient if you do color work and your yarns get always tangled.

For the yarns, Eucalan's no rinse delicate wash Wrapture by Kristin Omdahl in new jasmine scent.

Lucky few won a free Craftsy class. And yes one of them was me! Thank you Cratsy, I love your classes!

Artist and Graphic Designer, Jill Zielinski of Knitterella provided stationery fun tags. She offers also other accessories in addition to original patterns


From Left to Right: Schachenmayr Boston Classic Elite Yarn have provided a variety of yarns, always lovely yarn - this time Finitoby Malabrigo, yummy yarn by  Knitpicks, and last but not least the Red Barn Yarn.


New Drew Emborsky's yarn line called IconicSarcastic, and Inappropriate (not pictured) was introduced at the show. Very catchy names, wouldn't you say? Named after what people have described him as such the most over the years.

I hope you had enjoyed a quick review of day one. To be continued.....

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Interview on Marly's Yarn Thing BlogRadio

If you missed Faina's and my interview on Marly Bird's BlogRadio podcast last week, you are in luck because it's been archived! You can listen to it here.

We talked about how we had started knitting and crocheting, how we became designers. We share with  you how Faina and I met, and how we met Marly.  We reveal how The Art of Seamless Knitting came about, why we wrote this book and how we worked on the book living on opposite sides of the country. Hope you will enjoy!

Listen to internet radio with MarlyBird on BlogTalkRadio

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lace Cardigan

What a great news! My Lace Cardigan from The Art of Seamless Knitting has reached 500+ likes within a week of being featured on Raverly

Constructed seamlessly from the top down and shaped along raglan lines, a beautiful chandelier lace pattern in the main body is combined with a smaller lace pattern along the center of each sleeve. Stitches are picked up along the center front selvedges and the bands are worked perpendicular to the body. 

This classic cardigan showcases how to position a pattern that repeats over a relatively large number of stitches in the body. Alongside the standard instructions, you can also learn how to adjust the number of stitches to achieve the desired bust circumference for a perfectly customized fit. 

Sport / 5 ply (12 wpi) 

24 stitches and 34 rows = 4 inches

US 3 - 3.25 mm
US 2 - 2.75 mm

900 - 1440 yards (823 - 1317 m)

35 (37, 41, 43, 47, 49, 53)"  Cardigan shown measures 35" (89 cm)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Starred Review in Library Journal for The Art of Seamless Knitting

It's been a long while since I blogged, and I am back. I have a great news to share with you. Faina's and my new book, The Art of Seamless Knitting, has been getting excellent reviews since its release last month.  It's been among the top 10 best selling book in knitting on Amazon. The latest awesome review we got was a STARRED review in the Library Journal this past weekend.
Interweave (2013)
Merchant-Dest, Simona & Faina Goberstein. 
The Art of Seamless Knitting. Interweave: F+W. 2013. 183p. illus. index. ISBN 9781596687882. pap. $26.95. FIBER CRAFTS
"Ask a group of knitters to name their least favorite part of knitting a garment, and many will say seaming. This aversion has led to an abundance of patterns—especially for sweaters—that don’t involve seaming. In this guide, experienced knitwear designers Merchant-Dest and Goberstein explore the whys behind seamless knitting, describe the various shapes of seamless garments and accessories, and educate knitters on best practices for seamless knitting. For the truly seam-averse, there’s even a section about adapting flat-knitting patterns for seamless knitting in the round. Eleven patterns—most for sweaters—are included. VERDICT Rarely do knitting books contain both gorgeous patterns and authoritative information on technique; this title is a notable exception. The background information about seamless knitting is useful, and the patterns are beautiful."—Nanette Donohue, Champaigne, P.L., IL
Library Journal Reviews (June 15, 2013) 
All you who know us personally know that we had spent countless hours on it and we are so excited that our hard work has been getting such a positive response. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Greetings from the Czech Republic

Brno - my home town
I have arrived to the Czech Republic! For a change, it's been quite a warm, or rather hot, summer so far. It's been a bit challenging without AC here, I am not going to deny it, which only reminds me of how "spoiled" we are in the USA.

Vienna Airport
The travel went without a hitch. Well except for the fact when we arrived to Vienna airport, I realized that the airport had changed on us completely. They had rebuilt the airport to the point where it was unrecognizable from what we had known for years. And for being unaware, it was quite a shock. We always take a bus from the airport to my home town Brno. We had only about a half an hour before the bus was leaving, so it was a bit stressful to run around the airport to find out where the new bus stop was. Especially when the tickets stated different number of the stop than they were actually leaving from.

Well we made it and all was good.

Right now I have a full house of kids and relatives. I can appreciate every quiet moment I can get, especially for having to be able to concentrate on some edits that are coming back for me to check.

I am trying my best to have the kids and family entertained and still being able to get things done. I know that's a challenge for most work-from-home moms over the summer.

My everyday view of Brno

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Unexpected Afghans Winner

The winner is Dana Bincer.

Dana, please email me with the best email address for Interweave to contact you. They will get you your eBook copy.


Friday, June 29, 2012

Unexpected Afghans: Veledílo Cable Afghan

Unexpected Afghans: Innovative Crochet Designs with Traditional Techniques is a collection of 29 innovative and lively interpretations of crochet afghans. The book is divided into 5 chapters: Cables, Granny Motifs, Color, Lace, and Tunisian. I am in awe how many different afghans with a fresh and modern twist are presented in this collection.

I feel privileged to have one of my crochet afghan designs, the Veledílo Cable Afghan, included in this book. The inspiration for the this afghan was a knitted cabled pillow. I had used a double cable forming diamonds inclosed by a braid on each side laid against textured background of a basket-weave stitch. Robyn Chachula, the author of the book, has named this afghan "Veledílo" [vah-lah-dee-loh] that is a Czech word for "masterpiece". I was so pleasantly surprised when I saw that name. Thank you Robyn.

There are so many beautiful designs that it is hard to pick my favorites. So here only are few of my favorites:

What are your favorites? Leave me a comment here on site about which is your favorite afghan(s) in this book. From all the entries posted by July 6, 2012, midnight EST, I will randomly choose one person to win a free e-copy of Unexpected Afghans.

P.S. And you don't have to pick my afghan as one of your favorites in order to win. :)

Hatsukoi Pillow by Robyn Chachula
Dots and Poppies Baby Blanket by Linda Permann
Damask Afghan by Mrlaina "Marly" Bird
Starburst Entrelac Afghan by Megan Granholm

This weekend, there is a Weekend of Celebration for theUnexpected Afghans book. To increase your chances of winning this e-book, go and visit sites of other designers participating in this celebration:

Designers (in alphabetical order):

Annette Petavy - Annette Petavy Design
Annie Modesitt - Modeknit
Carol Ventura – Tapestry Crochet
Diane Halpern -Three Rivers Crochet
Dora Ohrenstein - Crochet Insider Newsletter
Doris Chan - Everyday Crochet
Drew Emborsky - The Crochet Dude
Edie Eckman – Edie Eckman   
Ellen Gormley - Go Crochet        
Jill Wright – Wool Crafting   
Kim Guzman - Wips N Chains
Kristin Omdahl - Styled By Kristin
Linda Permann - Lindamade         
Mary Beth Temple - Addicted to Alpaca 
Megan Granholm - Loop de doo
Robyn Chachula - Crochet by Faye
Tracie Barrett – Tracie Barrett

Good luck and happy crocheting!